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About Coupon Lux

Many designers and clip art enthusiasts have feedbacked that most of the free PNG sites on the Internet do not meet their needs. There are three main problems:
1. Less PNG image data
2. Low quality PNG image
3. Poor user experience when getting accurate PNG image
So, we are here.
Why can PNG help you?
1. Coupon Lux provides millions of PNG images, all is high quality!
Coupon Lux collects millions of transparent PNG images. A large number of designers and educators are looking for free clip art materials to enhance their creativity and teach students. Coupon Lux can quickly increase their access to HD free clip art material, saving them time. We expect designers and educators to feel the charm of Coupon Lux.

2. Download PNG images on Coupon Lux, totally free!
All transparent images on Coupon Lux are free and unlimited downloads. We encourage every designer to share their free artwork and let more clip art lovers enjoy the result together. In order to make it easier for designers, educators and clip art lovers to get high-definition PNGs, everyone can download it directly without registration.

3. Search all PNG images you like on Coupon Lux, easily!
Our technical team has fully optimized the image search algorithm and continues to improve the search experience. Coupon Lux offers a wide range of popular categories to help designers and educators quickly access high-quality clip art material. Our mission is to make designers, educators and clip art enthusiasts spend less time getting high quality free materials.